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How to Register Domain Names Under GE TLD

1. An application on registering a domain name consists of the two parts:

1.1. In the first place it is necessary to compile an official statement addressed to the GE domain administrator. Such a statement should be compiled on the organization s letterhead (for a legal person) or an ordinary paper, in case the applicant is a natural person. The application should specify the domain name, the last and the first name of the applicant and his/her contact information. For legal persons an additional information, namely the organization name and the title of its representative is required. It is recommended to include a brief description of the organizations business or the natural person s activities;

1.2. A technical form of a domain name registration, presented on the, should be properly filled in, in full accordance with the Regulations , and attached to the application.

2. We would like to present an extract from Regulations especially interesting for foreign persons going to register GE domain name:

  • 1.1. The use of any type of the domain names in the GE zone is permitted only on the territory of Georgia, namely:
    a) the use of services rendered by the Internet provider incorporated and acting on the territory of Georgia, or
    b) through the channel homed on the territory of Georgia and possessed by the registrant.

  • 1.8. Natural persons, which cannot be registrants are the persons, who:
    a) do not reside (are not registered) on the territory of Georgia, or
    b) are not citizens of Georgia.
  • 1.9. A legal person which does not have a representation registered on the territory of Georgia, has the right to register one name under .ge and domains. In such case foreign legal person must assign its authorities on domain name registration to any legal person registered on the territory of Georgia.
  • 3. The applications shall be accepted at the office of the Internet Development Group Georgia located at the following address:

    22 Rustaveli ave, 
    3 rd floor, 
    Tel: 990037. 
    The personal ID card should be presented together with the application form.

    4. Upon receiving the application the registrant is informed whether the administrator has already received an application on the domain name registration identical with the name requested by the applicant.

    5. Within the two business days after presenting the application the registrant receives the information via e-mail, whether his/her application on domain name registration has been accepted or rejected for consideration. In case of rejection, the advice shall contain the explanation of the relevant reasons.

    6. After accepting the application for further consideration, the administrator carries out checking and verification of the information specified in the technical form. Within 7 days after accepting the properly filled in technical form the domain name shall be registered and an agreement on the domain name assignment shall be concluded.

    7. In the cases provided in the regulations the domain name registration and service fees should be payable. In case of registering chargeable domain names, the bill shall be drawn up on the registrant, liable to payment within 30 calendar days.

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