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"hr" domain HR domain
activating the domain procedure resulting in the entry of the data on the registered domain into domain server of the HR domain, thus making the domain "visible" (available) on the Internet
arbitration board a committee that handles the arbitration procedure related to a concrete arbitration requirement
arbitration tribunal a group of independent professionals, especially in the field of information technology, law and protection of intellectual property, among which the members are selected for arbitration boards
arbitration specific procedure of settling disputes between the actual domain user and the third parties, carried out according to the provisions of these Regulations
deleting the domain procedure of revoking the domain registration and deleting the domain from the Register, by which the former domain user loses the right to use the domain, and the name is released for submitting new requests for registration domain HR-T domain
deactivating of domain procedure resulting in deleting the data about the registered domain from the domain server of the HR domain, which makes the domain invisible (not available) on the Internet
DNS (Domain Name System) (1) a system of Internet domains, regulated by the document RFC 1591; (2) (spoken) name for domain server
DNS service HR-DNS service
additional domain HR-T domain
domain part of the computer name, information service or e-mail address of the person on the Internet, usually denoting organisation and /or geographic affiliation; examples: de, hr, si, us,,,
domain of special significance for the RH information space HR-V domain
domain for additional needs HR-T domain
domain for natural persons HR-F domain
domain for private activity of natural persons HR-D domain
domain for market (commercial) demands HR-T domain
domain server network server (computer and adequate software support - domain name server), configured according to the documents RFC-1034 and RFC-1035, and containing all the technical information about the domain and answering the inquiries via network, for each domain the basic (primary) and one or more auxiliary (secondary) domain servers need to be defined.
government body body of legislative, executive or judicial authorities in the Republic of Croatia
natural person (in these Regulations) citizens of the Republic of Croatia and foreign persons with approved prolonged stay or permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia domain HR-F domain
HR domain top-level (ccTLD) domain entitled "hr", national domain of the Republic of Croatia, delegated to CARNet for administration as Croatian national domain.
HR-D domaindomain for virtual identity of private activities by natural persons Annex 2.
HR-F domain domain for virtual identity of natural persons Annex 2
HR-I domain domain for improvement of information space Annex 2
HR-P domain domain for virtual identity of legal entities Annex 2
HR-T domain domain for market and other additional demands Annex 2
HR-V domain domain important for the Republic of Croatia and her information space Annex 2
HR-DNS service service within CARNet, which performs technical activities related to the functioning of HR domain and tasks related to reservation, registration, activation, deactivation of the domain within the HR domain domain HR-F domain
JD-register unique (at government level) original register kept by the authorised government body
domain user legal or natural person, on whose request the HR domain is registered and entered in the domain register maintained by the HR-DNS service, as the domain user, thus having all the rights and responsibilities defined in these Regulations
LS-register original register at the authorised body of local authority or self-government, i.e. professional body (chamber) at the government level, issuing work permits, in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia domain HR-F domain
inheriting the domain procedure by which a legal or natural person, legal inheritor, i.e. inheritor of a legal entity, who has ceased to exist, or natural person, who has died, re-registers the existing domain to his/her favour
renouncing of domain in favour of another procedure by which a legal or natural person renounces the rights of using a domain, registered at his/her request, in favour of another legal or natural person, who meets the conditions of these Regulations
legal person (in these Regulations) subjects, who are recognised on the basis of valid legal regulations in the Republic of Croatia as having the status of legal entities (e.g. subjects entered in the Court Register of Companies or subjects entered into the Register of Societies).
legal subject (in these Regulations) legal person or natural person
re-registration of domain only HR-I
trustee a person, appointed by the applicant for the domain registration the domain user, to handle the registration activities, management and maintenance of the domain; the trustee does not hold the rights or responsibilities of the domain user
subdomain domain, registered within another domain at a lower hierarchical level,; e.g. is a subdomain of the domain
commission commission for the "hr" domain
commission for "hr" domain commission, appointed by the CARNet Board of Governors, supervising the implementation of these Regulations and the work of DNS service, and making decisions on complaints and objections
primary domain server domain server
register (of domains) public register maintained by the HR-DNS service, listing all the domains registered in compliance with these Regulations
registration of domain procedure resulting in entering the domain in the Register, awarding the applicant the right to use the domain and to become its user
reservation of domain status of the domain from applying for registration to completion of the registration procedure
decision on the registration of the domain within the top-level hr domain official document, signed by the CARNet Chief Executive Officer and the HR-DNS service manager, and verified by a CARNet embossed stamp, awarding the domain user the right to use the concrete domain within the top-level hr domain
secondary domain within the HR domain domain, registered at the level immediately below the HR domain, e.g.:,
secondary domain server domain server
technical data on the domain data needed to activate and make the domain available on the Internet, usually the data on primary and secondary domain server
government body (in these Regulations) the body of legislative or executive authorities in the Republic of Croatia
duration (of registration) of the domain a period of time, after the expiration of which the registration of the domain automatically ceases; as a rule, the duration of domain registration is indefinite
market/commercial domain HR-T domain
trademark stamp
top-level domain domain of the highest (top) hierarchical level, e.g. de, hr, si, us, gov, edu
top-level "hr" domain HR domain
application for registration of the domain within HR domain filled in and certified form, as well as the necessary additional documentation, used by the applicant to start the process of domain registration
stamp stamp (according to the Act on Stamps NN 78/99) protects the sign, especially: words, letters, digits, abbreviations, graphical presentations, combinations of colours and their hues, three-dimensional parts, product shapes or their packaging, provided that they are distinctive as well as combinations of all the previously mentioned characters. In domain registration verbal signs are very important, which means words, letters, digits, and similar characters.

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