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Can I increase my chances of acquiring my choice of domain names during Sunrise if I submit multiple applications for the same domain name with a Registrar?
No. During the Sunrise period, NeuStar will only accept one application for each domain name based on the corresponding trademark serial number. For example, if a person submits two applications for the same domain name with a particular Registrar, and the applications are based on the same trademark registration (or application), only one of those domain name applications will be included in the final randomization.

My trademark is currently in the Supplemental register of the USPTO. Can I apply for a .US domain name during Sunrise based on this trademark?
No. To be eligible for Sunrise, your trademark application or registration must be contained in the Principal register at the USPTO.

I own a trademark registration/application based on a stylized or design trademark. Can I apply for a .US domain name during Sunrise based on this trademark?
No. To be eligible for Sunrise, your trademark registration or application must be based on words or textual marks, not logos or designs.

Can I submit a domain name application based on a service mark during Sunrise?
Yes. For the purposes of Sunrise, trademarks and service marks are treated the same way.

Is there a list of Trademark International Class codes to which I can refer when filling out my Sunrise domain name application?
Yes. Because NeuStar requires that a validity check be performed on the Trademark International Class code submitted with every .US Sunrise domain name application, the "Trademark International Class" field must contain at least one of the following valid codes:

Class 1: Chemicals
Class 2: Paints
Class 3: Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations
Class 4: Lubricants and Fuels
Class 5: Pharmaceuticals
Class 6: Metal Goods
Class 7: Machinery
Class 9: Electrical and Scientific Apparatus
Class 10: Medical Apparatus
Class 11: Environmental Control Apparatus
Class 12: Vehicles
Class 13: Firearms
Class 14: Jewelry
Class 15: Musical Instruments
Class 16: Paper Goods and Printed Matter
Class 17: Rubber Goods
Class 18: Leather Goods
Class 19: Nonmetallic Building Materials
Class 20: Furniture and Articles not otherwise classified
Class 21: Housewares and Glass
Class 22: Cordage and Fibers
Class 24: Fabrics
Class 25: Clothing
Class 27: Floor Coverings
Class 28: Toys and Sporting Goods
Class 29: Meats and Processed Foods
Class 30: Staple Foods
Class 31: Natural Agricultural Products
Class 32: Light Beverages
Class 33: Wine and Spirits
Class 34: Smokers' Articles
Class 35: Advertising and Business
Class 36: Insurance and Financial
Class 37: Building Construction and Repair
Class 38: Telecommunications
Class 39: Transportation and Storage
Class 40: Treatment of Materials
Class 41: Education and Entertainment
Class 42: Miscellaneous
Class 200: Collective Trademarks or Service Marks
Class A: Goods Certification Mark
Class B: Services Certification Mark

I have applied for or have registered my trademark with the USPTO in more than one International Class of Goods or Services. Do I have to provide a list of all the International Classes of Goods and Services to NeuStar in my domain name application?
No. You only need to list one International Class of Goods or Services on your domain name application.

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