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These Rules for domain names registration in .cz domain are an inseparable part of the Registration Contract.

1. Introduction

1.1. The purpose of this document is to set out the rules of registration ("Rules") of the second level domain names on the Internet ("Domain names") under the .cz superior level domain (".cz domain"). For the purpose of these Rules, the term "Applicant" hereinafter means a physical or legal entity intending to register the Domain name for itself and the term "Representative" means the Applicant's Representative authorised by proper Power of Attorney.

CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o. association ("CZ.NIC") is authorised to register domain names and to ensure transparency and correctness of the registration process, to which these Rules apply. In making the registrations or administration of the Domain names or in related activities, CZ.NIC can be represented by its contractual partners. These Rules shall also be fully valid in such a case. For the purpose of these Rules, the terms with capital initials are of the same meaning as in the Registration Contract. If not explicitly stated otherwise hereinafter, the Applicant for registration will be considered as the owner of the application for Domain name registration or as the owner of Domain name registration for the purpose of these Rules and related documents.

1.2. These rules are applicable to all Domain names to be registered in .cz Domain

2. Registration principles

2.1. CZ.NIC registers the Domain names in the order they were received. The decisive criterion for determining the succession is the date and time when CZ.NIC received the completed Registration Application Form, confirming the acceptance of the Registration Contract including the Rules by the Applicant. CZ.NIC is obliged to confirm receipt of the Registration Application Form, stating the date and time of receiving it properly and accurately in fully completed minutes. CZ.NIC shall immediately register the data from each received Registration Application Form in its log. If CZ.NIC finds any formal incorrectness in the above mentioned documents making their smooth processing impossible, the application shall be immediately refused. In case of configuration or operation defects of the name servers, CZ.NIC shall provide 14 days for the Applicant to remove such defects. If the Applicant does not remove the notified defects within the 14-day period, registration proceedings shall be suspended and the applicant's application shall be rejected.

3. Procedure

3.1 The Applicant for the Domain name registration or the Applicant's Representative shall send the correctly completed Application Form to CZ.NIC. The Application Form shall be sent in electronic form to the following address (addresses): in accordance with the rules of mutual communication (see point 4 below). By making the above mentioned step, the Applicant (or its Representative) confirms acceptance of the Registration Contract, with an obligation to keep to its terms.

3.2 After receiving the completed Application Form, CZ.NIC shall send the application receipt log to the Applicant or its Representative by electronic mail, confirming initiation of the registration proceedings. If any incorrectness appears in the Applicant's application, the Applicant or its Representative will be appealed to remove such incorrectness according to point 2.1 above.

3.3 Upon receiving the Registration Contract with the Domain name stated in the Application Form from the Applicant, CZ.NIC shall register the Domain name and related data stated in the Application Form into the .cz Domain Name Register ("Register"). At the same time, CZ.NIC shall send notification to pay the fees to the Applicant or its Representative by electronic mail. After the fee has been received, CZ.NIC shall send to the Applicant or its Representative an invoice and computer statement containing the information about the registration and about the registered Domain name owner ("Extract from Register").

3.4 If CZ.NIC does not receive the payment within 30 days of the maturity date specified in the payment notice, the Domain name registration shall be suspended, effective immediately, and CZ.NIC shall send to the Applicant or its Representative electronic mail notification of registration suspension and of removal of the Domain from CZ zone. In this notification, CZ.NIC shall appeal to the Applicant or its Representative to pay the Registration fee within another 30 days. If CZ.NIC does not receive the Registration fee within this prolonged period, the Domain name registration shall be cancelled, effective immediately, and CZ.NIC shall inform the Applicant or its Representative about this by electronic mail.

3.5 If CZ.NIC does not accept the Registration Contract for the given Domain name, the Applicant or its Representative shall be notified about this fact with the reasons specified.

4. Mutual communication rules

4.1 When any of the Registration Contract parties sends any documents or information to the other contracting party of this Registration Contract by electronic mail, each party is obliged to keep to the rules of electronic communication ("Communication Rules"). CZ.NIC is authorised to amend the Communication Rules at anytime; an updated version of the Communication Rules is available at on the World Wide Web.

4.2 All parties of the Registration Contract recognise the validity and credibility of electronic communication performed in accordance with this Registration Contract. The contracting parties are further bound to recognise the validity and credibility of CZ.NIC electronic data log, until anything to the contrary is proved.

4.3 Delivery of message sent by email means acceptance of this message by mail server which is dedicated for reception of this message (servers specified in MX records of the domain name).

5. Settlement of disputes

5.1. In case of any dispute regarding the Registration Contract including these Rules or the registered Domain names or registration applications, the contracting parties shall strive to settle the disputes by mutual agreement. For the above mentioned purpose, the contracting parties can consider an application for informal arbitration, the basic principles of which are described in the document "Procedure for the Settlement of Disputes Related to Domain Names" ("Dispute Settlement Procedure") available at on the World Wide Web. If the contracting parties are not able to agree upon applying the Dispute Settlement Procedure, they are fully authorised to settle their dispute within the applicable legal rules.

6. CZ.NIC rights

6.1. It is at CZ.NIC's discretion to cancel or to suspend the registration procedure anytime or to cancel or to suspend the registration of the Domain name effective immediately, including (but not limited to) if CZ.NIC discovers that the following occurred:

* when the Domain name is administered in a way that can be dangerous for operation of the Internet network or any part of it (for instance when the name servers belonging to the registered Domain name are out of operation for more than 14 days in a row, such a situation is highly likely to be considered as dangerous for operation of the local Internet network section and CZ.NIC will be authorised to execute its rights according to this provision);

* if the facts, on the basis of which the Domain name were registered, have changed (for instance, the organisation that had presented the application does not exist anymore;

* if CZ.NIC finds out that the Domain name is provably used in a way that can be deceitful for Internet users, CZ.NIC has the right to suspend the registration of the said Domain name;

* in other cases, when the CZ.NIC right to cancel or to suspend the Domain name registration is explicitly specified in the Registration Contract.

7. Rules of Domain name creation

7.1. No Domain names consisting of two characters representing the ISO codes of any country are permitted.

7.2. No superior level domain can be used as a second level domain (for example or and no one from these domain names:,,,,, ,

7.3. Any new requirements for the domain must meet the RFCs 1034, 1035, 1122 and 1123 standards and any standards superseding them.

8. Servers

8.1. At least two name servers are required for one domain to be in operation at the moment of filing the application with their addresses specified in the Application Form enclosed in the Registration Contract.

9. Amending the Rules

9.1 Any subsequent amendments to the Rules will not influence the status of names registered in the Register before the amendment, except for trustworthy technical reasons.

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