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Domain delegating

In May 1997 the company was given the right to delegate the top- level .KG domain in Kyrgyzstan. ASIAINFO registers domain if there is an inquiry and the form is filled in the proper way.

Cost of services and terms of payment
Cost of services: * Cost of services for primary registration of one second-level .KG domain amounts to US$100.00 (without VAT). * Cost of services for annual re-registration of one second-level .KG domain amounts to US$50.00 (without VAT). The Customer shall pay an invoice made out by the Contractor. The Invoice for primary registration service payment is made out within three working days from the beginning of an account period. The Contractor shall make out an invoice on domain re-registration service within three working days after termination of the next account period (one-year period) for domain. If registration or re-registration payments are not received to the Contractor account within 30 calendar days from the beginning of an account period the domain delegating will be suspended. Domain can be re-delegated within 3 working days after receipt of the required payment to the Contractor account. If money has not been received on the Contractor account within 15 calendar days from the date of delegating suspension, the domain is considered to be free. The money received after the domain becomes free will not be sent back to the Customer.
Registration of the third- level domain is made free.


DOMAIN - a zone of hierarchical names that is serviced by a set of Domain Name Servers (DNS) and is centrally administrated. Domain is identified by the domain name.
DOMAIN REGISTRATION - receipt of information and entering it into database, testing of corresponding domain name servers (DNS) for proper functioning within the frame of International Internet system. Registration of a domain provides its delegation during the account period.
DOMAIN DELEGATION - entering the data about the domain into .KG zone and assignment of its administering rights to domain administrator.
DOMAIN ADMINISTRATOR - a legal or individual entity the domain is registered for. The information data about the domain administrator are specified in "admin-o" field (description form # (Domain Template(#).
Domain administration determines:
- the procedure for using domain;
- the organization responsible for technical support of the domain;
- the organization responsible for domain registration and re-registration payments (bill-o).
ACCOUNT PERIOD - one- year period during which is ensured an operation of corresponding domain name servers (DNS) within the frame of Internet International system. The first account period starts on the first date of the next month after delegation of a domain. In case of domain re-registration the next account period starts on the same date of the next year.
ADMINISTERING OF A DOMAIN - establishing the order of domain use, providing the domain technical support, organizing payment services for domain operation.
DOMAIN RE-REGISTRATION - revision of information on domain after an account period terminates. Re-registration of the domain ensures extension of the domain delegation for the next account period.
DOMAIN RE-DELEGATION - organizational and technical measures on assigning domain administration rights to another domain administrator.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT OF A DOMAIN - technical actions on providing domain operation (a domain name server capacity, timely delivery of information required for domain normal operation).
APPLICANT - a customer organization, an individual or legal entity specified by the Customer from whom applications are received for domain registration and registration in .KG zone.
APPLICATION - is a message that contains information to be registered in database.
Details are given

2CO is an authorized retailer for GeoNIC.NET
.COM .NET   
Registration for holders of Ukrainian Trade Marks


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