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Academic and Research Network of Slovenia

ARNES, Jamova 39, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenija
tel. + 386 1 479 88 00 fax + 386 1 479 88 99

Rules for the registration of Internet domains within the address space for Slovenia (.si) 27/7/2001


The domain space or top-level domain .si is registered with the InterNIC (Network Information Center) for Slovenia. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) which coordinates and operates the DNS (Domain Name System) in the global Internet network appointed ARNES as the Naming Authority for the top-level domain .si. ARNES registers only subdomains under the top-level domain .si, i.e. domains of the form Should you be interested in registering a subdomain under the international three-letter domains .com, .org, .int and .net, you can find all the information required at the URL address ARNES designs the rules for awarding subdomains under the top-level domain .si in line with the recommendations (RFC 819, 920, 974, 1032, 1033, 1034, 1035, 1101, 1122, 1123, 1183, 1535, 1536, 1537, 1591, 1597, 1627, 1637, 1713, 1794, 1876, 1912, 1995, 1996, 2052) of the global Internet organisation the Internet Society (ISOC) and follows general international Internet trends. This version of the rules enters into force on 11th May 2001.

Domain space

Internet domain space is organised hierarchically. Registration of a subdomain under .si gives the organisation which requested the registration the right to use the domain; this also gives the organisation the right to manage the domain space under its domain. It is advisable that the hierarchical structure of the domain matches the hierarchical structure of the organisation.

For example:

The University of Ljubljana is registered with ARNES under the domain Individual faculties then register their domains (in the form of with the organisation which manages the domain (the University of Ljubljana), and not directly with ARNES, which is authorised to manage the .si address space.

Syntax rules

The value of a subdomain is a string of characters subject to the following constraints:

individual characters can be letters of the English alphabet (A-Z) with no distinction between upper- and lower-case letters, numbers (0-9) and the "-" character (hyphen); the first and last character must not be a hyphen; the length of the string must be between 3 and 24 characters.

Administrative rules

Subdomains under the domain .si are awarded exclusively to legal entities registered in Slovenia. None of them may register more than one subdomain under .si.

The name of the subdomain can be the full or abbreviated registered name of the organisation (company name).

Organisations inscribed in the court register must attach a copy of the resolution on the inscription in the court register to the registration form, from which the name of the organisation must be apparent. The resolution should be no older than three months. Where the full or abbreviated name conflicts with the syntax rules (see above), after agreement with the applicant, the most similar name which fits the syntax will be determined.

Organisations which do not require inscription in the court register should attach a copy of notification of the Statistical Office RS on identification, and some special rules regarding the form of the subdomain apply.

Under special circumstances, a legal entity can request a temporary domain. A legal entity may only request one concurrent temporary registration, this registration valid for only two months and is non-renewable and non-extendable at any time in the future. The temporary domain will only be granted if the requested name does not conflict with any existing domain or registered company trademark in Slovenia.

A one year temporary domain may be registered in case of an international conference organised in Slovenia. The domain must be registered by the organization committee and must solely be for the purpose of the conference. This domain name may not be the same as any Slovene organization or trademark, unless it is directly linked to the conference.

Within the .si domain, the following cannot be registered:

personal domains,

domains which are identical to eny existing Top Level Domains (com, org, int, etc.),

domains which have misleading meaning (www, ftp, etc.),

domains with the name of publications (magazines, newspapers, catalogues,...),

domains with the name of products produced or sold by a specific organisation,

domains which are identical to registered trademarks.

The last three instances apply where the name of the publication, product or trademark differs from the registered name of the organisation. We suggest that these instances are resolved through the registration of subdomains of existing or potential subdomains under the top-level domain .si. (For example: a company which registers the domain with ARNES may freely allocate the domain space which they manage: e.g.,,,,...).

Registration procedure

Applicants fill out the form for registration of an Internet domain in the .si address space (only in Slovene language), which is available from their Internet Service Provider, in electronic form on ARNES's www server at the URL address:

or in paper form from ARNES, Jamova 39, p.p. 7, 1001 Ljubljana.

The form must list administrative and technical contact persons. The administrative contact person must be an authorised signatory within the organisation requesting a domain. The persons listed are the only persons who can subsequently report possible administrative or technical changes to ARNES. All changes to information listed in the form must be reported in writing immediately to ARNES.

Applicants should give a proposal for the subdomain name, taking into account the rules in force for awarding subdomains under the .si top-level domain, since unsuitable proposals cannot be considered. The form must be signed by the responsible person in the organisation requesting the domain. Applicants should then send the completed form (together with a copy of the resolution on inscription in the court register or of the notification of the Statistical Office RS on identification for organisations not inscribed in the court register) to ARNES.

Awarding names of subdomains can lead to conflicts with existing domains, or the name proposed by the organisation may be inappropriate (too short, too long, disallowed characters, etc.) or too general. Resolutuion of such problems takes place by either telephone (+386 1 479 88 00) or electronic mail (

Applicants themselves vouch for the authenticity of documents and information listed on the form. ARNES is not responsible for potential disputes between applicants or organisations which have already registered subdomains under .si which arise concerning the right to use a name or the ownership of a specific domain. The affected parties shall resolve the issue among themselves.

On the basis of the information in the form or an agreement, ARNES will determine the Internet domain name and inform the organisation of this in writing. ARNES will send the certification of registration of the domain to the address of the administrative contact person stated in the form. If an applicant fails to receive certification within a week of submitting the form, we advise them to telephone 01 479 88 00 or send a message to dom-reg@

Only registration itself is free of charge, and does not mean an actual physical connection to the network, it is merely the first step in the process of including an organisation in the global Internet network. Organisations can receive all other information from selected Internet Service Providers.

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