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.it Domain Registration     
Registration of .com, .net and .org Domains     
Technical Procedures of Registration     

.it Domain Registration

  • .it domains can only be registered by VAT-registered companies or tax-registered individuals operating from within the EU. Non-EU entities may not register .it domains.

  • Non-EU companies and individuals may not register .it domains.

  • Non-VAT registered European residents can only register ONE .it domain.

  • The registration process is not absolutely immediate: the organization requiring the .it domain must sign and fax a Letter of Undertaking (in Italian) for the required domain.

    This letter is automatically generated by the server at the end of the ordering process. It needs to be printed, signed and faxed (+39 050 542 420) - or sent by surface mail - by the organization requesting the domain.

    Domains are assigned by the Registration Authority according to the date of receiving of these letters - it is therefore important that this is done as soon as possible after ordering your domain so that you don't lose your domain assignment priority.

    The rules regarding assigning/registering of .it TLDs have been set by the Italian Naming Authority and are monitored and used by the national registration authority.
    Check the Naming Authority's site for the most up-to-date info (enter and you will find an English version):
    - the latest rules;
    - plus Technical Registration Procedures
    - as well as Procedures concerning Re-assigning
    - and Netiquette Rules
    all of which need to be considered before proceeding with the registration of .it domains.

    N.B. There is a long list of reserved domain-names which may NOT be registered by anyone; the list may be viewed here:

    2CO is an authorized retailer for GeoNIC.NET
    .COM .NET   
    Registration for holders of Ukrainian Trade Marks

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