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  AM Network Information Centre     AM TLD Policy     Welcome     FAQ    

AM TLD Policy

By registration of your domain name on the Internet, the registrar, AM Hostmaster, and Armenia Network Information Center, are accepting in good faith that you have the right to use such name. We will revoke domain if it is proved that the domain is being used to spam and/or otherwise used for any illegal or inappropriate purposes. In this case, registration fee will not be refunded. Applications for "too generic" domain names may be refused. Widely known trademarks or names may be registered by their owners only.
Our function in registering names on the Internet is to assure that the name does not conflict with any other name in the name space requested. Geographical names, country names and two/three-letter country codes , widely known acronyms and abbreviations, generic terms normally may not be registered as a domain name; however, in certain circumstances, when the registrant provides adequate documentary evidence that he/she has a right to the domain name in question, AM Hostmaster may, at his discretion register such domain name. However, the AM NIC reserves the right to revoke the registered domain name if it is proved that the provided information / documents are not true, truthful, and complete.

The user by your registration and use of the name and/or your continued use of an existing name, agrees, as part of your request for name registration, to indemnify and hold harmless from any and all costs, fees, expenses arising from litigation involving trademark, trade name, service mark, and any other name infringements, or other reasons, the registrar and the Armenia Network Information Center.

The party requesting registration of this name certifies that to her/his knowledge, the use of this name does not violate trademark or other statutes.

Registering a domain name does not confer any legal rights to that name and any disputes between parties over the rights to use a particular name are to be settled between the contending parties using normal legal methods.

The content(s) of any Web site(s) or page(s), or any other system used for distribution of information, including but not limited to the textual, audio, video, still images, computer programs, etc. should not violate the laws of the Republic of Armenia or applicable international treaties or conventions.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the city of Yerevan, Republic of Armenia. At all times the provision of all services shall be subject to the laws of Armenia and applicable international treaties. The party requesting registration of this name certifies that such registered domain will not be used for any illegal or unethical purpose under any circumstances in any country. Should the party requesting registration or the de jure or de facto owner or operator of domain use the domain for any illegal purposes stated above the Registrar reserves the right to suspend and/or revoke the registration.

Fees: Registrations and first two years fees USD 250 for non-residents, USD 60 for residents (including VAT) and annual fee USD 50 for non-residents, USD 24 for residents (including VAT) thereafter payable in advance.

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