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FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)
about the .CC domains.

Will my name .CC domain work anywhere in the world?
Yes, a .CC name works exactly the same as a .COM name, it just happens to have a different ending. It is treated in precisely the same way as .COM by all the DNS nameservers in the world.

Why do I want a domain name ending with .CC?
There are already more than six and a half million domains registered in the .COM top level domain. Most of the good, short, easy to remember names in .COM are already taken by someone else. The .CC top level domain is recently introduced, so there is plenty of new, empty real estate, with excellent names still available. In .CC you can have a domain name that fits your business, idea, family or other name more closely.

How much does a .CC domain cost?
$100.00 US dollars every two years for the use of the domain.

How can you offer Free URL Forwarding when others charge for this service?
We can offer this service by placing banners in a frame when displaying your site. This also allows the banner to display your .CC domain name as the site being browsed.

When do I get my DNS password?
You will receive a password to change your DNS settings when we receive full payment for your domain.

How do I lookup a .cc domain?
This can be done one of two ways:

  1. Use the web based lookup at the NIC.CC web site using your browser with our web interface to whois.

    - or -

  2. Use the 'whois' command from the command line, specifying as the lookup server.
Use the web based version if you aren't familiar with the use or syntax of the command line whois, or if it is not available on your operating system.

How do I change my DNS settings?
You must have two DNS servers (primary and secondary) setup with a SOA record for the .cc domain you are wishing to change. Ask your web hosting provider for the host names they use for DNS servers as we do not use IP addresses.

To change the DNS information use the password that was sent by email after the domain name was paid for.
  1. Go to the Edit DNS option on the web site.
  2. Select the option you want from the pull down menu.
  3. Enter the domain name and password and hit the submit button.

What company name will be on my credit card statement? The billing company name is eNIC Corporation in Seattle Washington. We can be reached at +1 (206) 329-7900.

Do you have anything to do with the InterNIC?
No, eNIC Corporation has no affiliation with the InterNIC or Network Solutions.

Who assigned the .CC TLD domain?
The IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) who is solely responsible for all the TLD domain assignments.

How do I upload my web page on to my domain?
When registering a .CC domain name, you do not receive any web space on our servers. As a courtesy we provide an under construction page until you find a web hosting company.

Do I receive email with my .CC domain name?
If you leave your DNS servers as and, we can provide email forwarding so that when any email is received for your domain it is forwarded to the email address registered with your domain. This will become active within 24 hours after your payment for the domain name.

Additionally, on your under construction web page we provide a text link to your email address used when registering your .CC domain.

What is Web Forwarding?
Web forwarding is when you have a current web site and you wish to point your new .CC domain to it.

How long until my .CC domain works?
It takes up to 24 hours to have your domain working worldwide if your nameservers have been setup properly.

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