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DENIC Registration Guidelines

Please note: The English translations of the DENIC Terms and Conditions and the DENIC Registration Guidelines are provided for the convenience of our non-German-speaking customers. Regardless of this, only the original German-language versions are legally binding.

DENIC eG registers Internet domains under the German top level domain (TLD) .de. It does this without the intent to realize a profit for the benefit of all those, who are interested in the Internet, and is in agreement with the internationally accepted standards for the operation of a country TLD registration office.


Applications for registration may either be placed via an Internet Service Provider, who is DENIC member (ISP), or may directly be made with DENIC (DENICdirect). In both cases, the prerequisite for the processing is that the applicant completely and properly transfers the data required according to these guidelines and that the requested domain is in accordance with the specifications of these guidelines. The registration agreement between the future domain owner and DENIC will only be formed by the registration; for him, besides these guidelines, the DENIC Terms and Conditions for the Registration are also applicable.


A domain name (besides the TLD .de) may only consist of digits (0 to 9), letters of the Latin alphabet (A to Z, also without any umlaut or other special characters) and hyphens (-). It must at least contain one letter and may neither begin nor end with a hyphen. No difference is made between capital letters and small letters. The minimum length of a domain is three, the maximum length is 63 characters. It is not permitted to use the names of any other top level domains (i. e. currently for example arpa, com, edu, gov, int, net, nato, mil, org and all country-related TLDs) as well as any German automobile identification numbers as domain names. The establishment of an own sub-domain under the domain registered with DENIC is permissible.


The domain owner (descr.) is the contracting party of DENIC and is therefore the party being substantively entitled to the domain. If this is not a natural person, the corresponding complete corporate name, in accordance with the statutory requirements, has to be given when the application is made. The address also has to be given, whereas the postal address alone is insufficient.

The administrative contact person (admin-c) is the natural person named by the domain owner, who is entitled and committed as the person authorized by him to bindingly decide all matters with respect to the domain, and who is therefore the contact person of DENIC. Name and address of the admin-c have to be given. If the domain owner does not have his residence in Germany, the admin-c at the same time is the person authorized by him to accept service under the aspect of §§ 174 f. ZPO (Code of Civil Procedure); in this case he in turn must have his residence in Germany and has to state his serving address.

The technical contact person (tech-c) supports the domain with respect to technical aspects. His name, address, telephone number and facsimile number as well as e-mail address have to be given.

The zone administrator (zone-c) supports the own name server(s) of the domain owner and has to be given with name, address, telephone number and facsimile number as well as e-mail address. If the domain owner does not delegate any own name servers, a zone-c is not required.


DENIC enters the required data as per item III. into the public DENIC data base (whois) and passes them on within the scope of the DENIC query service, as this is technically and legally necessary. If the applicant requests the publication of further telephone numbers and facsimile numbers as well as e-mail addresses, he also has to state those and explicitly give his permission for their publication.

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