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Provider Change and Updates
  • I want to change my Internet Provider. What do I have to do?
  • How does the process of changing a provider work?
  • My old provider has disagreed with the KK-Auftrag. What do I have to do?
  • Is it possible that during the process of changing the provider my domain becomes temporarily unreachable?
  • How can I update my domain data?
  • What happens when my domain data is changed by an unauthorized person?

    I want to change my Internet Provider. What do I have to do?

    First a preliminary remark: The delegation (connection) of a DE-domain can only be initiated by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), who is a member of DENIC eG, or our service DENICdirect. More about this in the sections domain registration und DENICdirect.

    The provider is entered into the domain data and is the only one authorized to mandate us with performing your requests to change the domain data (e.g. update or close). If your provider is not on our member list, then he cooperates with a DENIC eG member or DENICdirect.

    If you want to change your provider, your new DENIC-provider sends us on your or your new suprovider's behalf a provider change form, the so-called KK-Auftrag. We send this form to your current provider, so he can acknowledge it.

    Your current provider will normally contact you or you have already told him about the imminent provider change. He will then agree to the provider change on your behalf.

    Sometimes, however, there are communication problems:

    • You terminated your contract with your sub-provider, but he forgot to tell the appropriate DENIC-provider.
    • You forgot to terminate your contract.
    • Your provider does not succeed in contacting you.

    In all these cases the appropriate DENIC-provider will disagree with the provider change as a precaution, because he does not know that you want to change your provider and thus he assumes a misunderstanding or even misuse. These communication problems can easily be resolved by talking to your current provider. He will help you finding the right contact person. As soon as the issue is resolved, the provider can agree to the KK-Auftrag he previously disagreed with. The domain data is then updated by us.

    There have been cases, where customers tried to initiate a provider change by closing the domain with the current provider and re-registering it with the new provider. We do not recommend this procedure, because when a domain is closed with us, it is free to register for a third party for a certain amount of time. When using a KK-Auftrag this is impossible: during the KK process the domain remains connected and thus is not free to register for anyone.

    If you want to make sure you retain your domain name, please insist on the KK process and communicate this to your current and new providers.

    If you still have technical question concerning the provider change, please contact:

    DENIC eG
    Technical Support
    Telephone: +49 (0)69 / 27235-272
    Fax: +49 (0)69 / 27235-235

    Should you have questions about the costs involved in changing your provider, please ask him. The costs are determined by the various ISPs and can differ.

    Should you have legal question concerning the provider change, please contact:

    DENIC eG Domain Verwaltungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft
    WiesenhУМttenplatz 26
    60329 Frankfurt am Main
    Telephone: +49 (0)69 / 27235-271
    Fax: +49 (0)69 / 27235-235

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    How does the process of changing a provider work?

    If you want to move your domain from one provider to another, you have to mandate your future provider. He will initiate the following procedure:

    The future provider sends a so-called KK-Auftrag form to us. He has to make sure that the provider change was indeed initiated by the domain owner and not from an unauthorized third party.

    We forward the KK-Auftrag to the current provider of the customer's domain. He checks, whether his customer indeed wants to move his domain and sends in the event of positive proof his agreement (ACK - acknowledge) and in any other event his disagreement (NACK - no acknowledge).

    If we do not receive an answer, we send a second request (REMINDER) to the current provider after three working days.

    Five working days after this procedure was started we send a last reminder (KK-END). Another two working days later we define unanswered KKs as agreed to (KK-END = ACK).

    Thus, for the current provider there are four possible ways to react:

    1. He answers NACK to the request. The KK-Auftrag is disagreed with, the provider change process is stopped.

    2. He answers ACK to the request. The domain is moved to the future provider.

    3. He first sends a NACK, then later an ACK. The domain is moved.

    4. He does not react in spite of three requests. We interpret this "answer" as ACK and move the domain.

    So there are two checks, in order to prevent that a domain loses its connectivity because of a misunderstanding. Both providers involved are responsible for performing these checks thoroughly. If the current provider does not answer within five working days we assume the agreement of the customer, because it is already documented in the original request. However, this does not mean that a provider can neglect his duties.

    This procedure was created to prevent that a KK-Auftrag can simply be ignored and to ensure that a domain can move to another provider, if the current provider has gone out of business. At every stage of the KK process we have a complete overview over its status.

    If you just change from one sub-provider to another sub-provider of the same DENIC-provider or from a sub-provider to his DENIC-provider, a KK-Auftrag is not necessary. In this case we just need an update from the DENIC-provider, with which he switches between the nameservers of your current sub-provider and the nameservers of your future sub-provider or, respectively, his nameservers with the nameservers of his sub-provider.

    If you change to a foreign (usually American) provider the procedure is exactly the same. Please note: every foreign provider must perform the connection of a DE-domain via a member of DENIC eG. It is, however, not important where the hosts, that you want to connect, are located.

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    My current provider has disagreed with the KK-Auftrag. What do I have to do?

    As a basic principle we only accept a KK-Auftrag, if it is sent by the appropriate DENIC member.

    We propose the following procedure in the case of problems:

    1. Talk again directly with the appropriate DENIC member and ask them why the KK-Auftrag was disagreed with. DENIC currently has throughput times of two working days at most. Longer delays are usually due to the providers themselves, because they also have to first process your request.

    2. Additionally you can send a letter to the appropriate DENIC member and ask them to perform your request.

    3. If after one week nothing has happened, then you can again contact us. This must be in writing (letter or fax with original signature) and the previous correspondence has to be included. Also, please make sure that the letter of intent is signed in a legally binding way by the owner or admin-c. Companies and organisations have to include a copy of their incorporation documents. We will send you an acknowledgement of receipt of these documents and start to moderate between the involved parties. It will take about 2-3 weeks until you receive further notice, because we talk to all involved parties and ask them for clarification.

    Our address:
    DENIC eG - Rechtsabteilung
    WiesenhУМttenplatz 26
    60329 Frankfurt am Main
    Fax: +49 (0)69 / 27235-235

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    Is it possible that during the process of changing the provider my domain becomes temporarily unreachable?

    This depends largely on the amount of time you calculate for moving a domain. In any case we recommend to plan a transition period, during which you can be reached over both providers. This allows you to build your new Internet presence at the new provider and then ask the current provider to refer to it. After that you can initiate the provider change and subsequently terminate your contract with the old provider.

    The longer this transition period is - and it should be at least 2-3 weeks - the less problems you will have.

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    How can I update my domain data?

    As a principle, we accept requests to update domain- or person-related data only from the provider, who has registered the domain. This has the following advantages:

    • The data is collected and coordinated at a single point.
    • The data is protected from unauthorized changes by third parties, because DENIC eG is not able to verify the authorization of the entity declaring the update.
    • The technical implications, for example when changing nameserver data (update of the secondaries etc.) are taken into account.
    • Your provider has automatic tools to change the data, i.e. the update requires no manual intervention by us.

    Therefore, please contact your provider with any updates to your data.

    Updates of the person-related data in the RIPE database is also performed by your provider.

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    What happens when my domain data is changed by an unauthorized person?

    If a domain has changed providers without your knowledge and/or consent, you should first talk to the current provider, who will try to correct this mistake. Also you should contact the new provider, who may have made a mistake. It is very rare that bad intentions are behind these occurrences. If you are not successful in contacting the providers, please notify us.

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