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Domain names are the names used to identify computer systems, web sites and email addresses on the internet. For example '' is a domain name. They can be broken into parts e.g. 'gy' is the top level domain (TLD) for Guyana, 'org' indicates it belongs to a non-commercial organisation and 'sdnp' is the name of the organisation.

If someone wishes to have their own domain name for a web site or for email then they must first apply to register the domain name with a domain name registrar (depending on what domain it is) and, secondly, they must submit the name in their request to the service provider who is to host the web site or provide mail service. Fees are usually charged for both steps and need to be paid to maintain the domain or it will be deleted.

This service is operated primarily as a public service not as a commercial enterprise. Funds generated are used to cover costs and to enhance the service.

SDNP (Guyana) is registrar for all domain names ending in: for educational institutions in Guyana for agencies and offices of the Government of Guyana for non-commercial organisations and non-governmental organisations registered in Guyana

All other domain name requests must be directed elsewhere. For a list of domain name registrars, check the IANA database.

We reserve the right to cancel any registration :-

  • which is not used for the purpose for which it was given e.g. an domain name clearly used for commercial purposes
  • which is used for purposes which might cause us to be in breach of contract or of the laws of Guyana


To acquire a domain name (within the domains listed above) submit a domain name application form. Once this has been accepted the relevant fees must be paid. The domain will then become active and remain so as long as the annual fee is paid.
SDNP (Guyana) domain name fees can be found here.
Domain name application forms: printable form, on-line form.

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