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  INFO FAQ     General FAQ     Registry and Registration FAQ    

Registry and Registration FAQ

This FAQ answers detailed questions about the registry and the registration of .INFO names. Below are answers to some early questions we've received as Start-up names were awarded and the registry went into real-time registration.

Are .INFO domain names working normally?

All registered names can resolve normally. To make your domain name resolve, make sure that you've submitted valid domain name server (DNS) information through your registrar.

What are "created on" dates and what do they mean?

Each domain name record in the .INFO WHOIS has a "created on" date, which is the date that the record was created in the registry database.

Sunrise registrations have "created on" dates before September 1, 2001 and are thus easily distinguished from other registrations.

Start-up names have "created on" dates that correspond to the date that the registrar submitted the Start-up name request to Afilias -- not the date that the name was processed or awarded by Afilias. Start-Up names therefore have creation dates between September 12, 2001, which was the first day that Afilias allowed registrars to submit pre-registration requests, and September 22, the last day Afilias accepted name requests from registrars. All name requests were processed in one queue according to the announced name selection process.

Real-time registrations have "created on" dates that correspond to the time that the name was successfully registered. Real-time registration began on October 1, 2001.

For more information, see the Rollout Schedule.


How does data get into a domain record? What if the data in my record looks wrong?

Registrars take the registration data you give them, and then they transmit the data into the registry. The information you see in the .INFO WHOIS fields is exactly what was submitted by your registrar to Afilias.

For example, some Start-up records have trademark data in them. This is because registrants and registrars were allowed to submit optional trademark information for Start-up names. (Trademark data was required for Sunrise registrations.) If a registrar submitted information in the trademark fields when it sent a Start-up name request to Afilias, Afilias accepted that data.

If the data in your domain name record is incomplete, has extra data, or data different from what you gave the registrar, please contact your registrar. Registrars can submit change requests to update most kinds of information in the registry.


What if I requested a Sunrise or Start-up name but it's not showing up under my name in the .INFO WHOIS?

All Sunrise and Start-up names that were submitted to the Afilias registry were processed.

If a Sunrise name you requested was awarded to someone in Start-up or real-time registration (i.e. it has a "created on" date in the WHOIS on or after September 1, 2001), or if a Start-up name you requested was awarded to someone else in real-time registration (with a "created on" date in the WHOIS on or after October 1, 2001) or was registered to no one at all, there are two possibilities:

1) The registrar did not submit the name you requested to Afilias.
2) The registrar may not have funded its account sufficiently. (All names were processed, but any particular name was awarded only if the registrar had sufficient funds in its account for the registration.) Please check with your registrar for more details.

In either case, we recommend that you contact the registrar through whom you submitted your request to find out information about the individual names you may have requested. Afilias is not responsible for omissions or oversights by your registrar.


What if I'm having trouble changing data associated with my domain name?

To make a change, you must send a request to your registrar, who will then put the request through to the .INFO registry. Afilias is not allowed to change records based on requests made to us directly by registrants. This procedure is true of all domain name registries. The .INFO registry is operating normally, and is able to accommodate all change requests sent to us by registrars.

Currently, some registrants are having trouble changing records associated with their domains. These problems tend to be the responsibility of the registrars. For example, some registrars have not yet completed work on their administrative interfaces and databases, which allow registrants to access their .INFO records and make changes online. If you are having difficulty, we suggest that you discuss these problems directly with your registrar. Afilias has no control over the service provided to you by an individual registrar.


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