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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Internet Name?

Computers on the Internet are actually addressed by a numeric code, consisting of several groups of numbers., for example. As these numeric codes (known as 'IP addresses') are not easy for human beings to remember, a system of using domain names (e.g. has evolved, which are translated into the Internet (IP) address ) automatically. For more information on the Distributed Naming System see 'DNS & Bind' by Paul Albitz and Crickey Liu published by O'Reilly

Why is there a separate registry for the Channel Isles?

Because the Channel Isles are not part of the UK.

The fact that many organisations in the Islands have in the past preferred American .COM and .NET domains over .UK names is an indication that using the U.K. registry for companies and organisations in the Channel Isles has not been seen as ideal in the past.

Channel Island organisations have a wide choice of domain names.

  • .GG or .JE to promote their local identity;
  • .CO.UK if they wish to emphasise the historical close connection of the Islands with the United Kingdom, and
  • .COM/.NET/.ORG if they wish to be seen as US or globally oriented.

All of these domain names (and others) may be registered through

Do I have to live in the Channel Islands to register a .JE or .GG domain

No. Although the domains are principally to serve the local community, the C.I registry follows general UK practice and makes no geographic restrictions on who may register names.

Can I register ?

Yes. By popular request locally you now can register second-level domains in the Channel Islands (just like in .COM) as well as in the subdomains of .CO.GG, .ORG.GG and .NET.GG (like .UK)

Can I register ?

Yes, in exactly the same manner as .GG (above).

Why do you take two or three weeks to register names when .CO.UK names can be done within hours

Nominet UK has a completely automated system for .UK names. All applications for Channel Islands domain names are subject to approval by the C.I. registry, (and subject,in the case of .JE names, to no objection being made to the application by the Jersey Government within 30 days of the ticket number being issued).

We aim to make a provisional decision on your application within a week of issuing a ticket number, and to delegate shortly thereafter. However registration is only complete once an invoice has been issued, and paid.

Can you give us travel information to the Islands/genealogical information/help me find my long-lost brother in the Channel Islands?

Dr McCoy might have said, "I'm a doctor not a tourist guide" . . .

However, we are pleased to recommend the official government websites which containing a wealth of information about the Islands, including tourist information.

  1. Jersey:
  2. Guernsey:
  3. Alderney:
  4. Sark:
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