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.name general newsletter story

It's for life

Your name is how everyone recognizes and contacts you throughout your life. Imagine if you could simply use your name for your online life too. Well, now you can - when you register your .name. You can register a domain based on your first and last names ( or, so you can create your own website. You also register your email address ( or, so you'll be able to have one simple identity through which you can have all your email forwarded. Both your .name domain and email address can be registered for up to 10 years. As ownership is renewable, your .name can be yours for life.
Visit our site to get yours now!

.name domains newsletter story

.name domains: it's for life, so get yours before someone else does

When you register your .name domain, you are buying an Internet address as unique as you - because your .name address is simply your name. Your .name domain will look like this: or If you have a common name (like Peter Morgan), you should register as soon as possible to get your first choice .name address (such as our site to get yours now!

.name email forwarding newsletter story

.name email forwarding: it's for always being in touch

You're always easy to contact with a unique and simple .name email address. Because of the easy-to-remember format ( or, all someone has to do to stay in touch is remember your name. Then our email forwarding service will forward their mail to whatever email account you're using. This way, wherever you are, your friends and family will always be able to contact you. Visit our site to get yours now!

.name dual registration newsletter story

.name dual registration: it's for complete fulfillment

This powerful package combines a .name domain name and email forwarding address, providing the potential for a complete lifelong online identity. You will own both your .name domain (for example, and your .name email address (, for instance). As well as being able to build your own website and use your .name for email, one day soon you could use your .name as your digital signature to buy things online without giving away your card details, or it could be your online address book or your universal address for everything from your email to your mobile phone.

To own your name online, register here!

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