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  Joining The PRN     Why No Spam?    

Joining The PRN

Being a PRN member is a great opportunity for Internet Services Providers to offer domain registrations bundled with value added services that they may offer. A Web Hosting Service may offer a free domain name with a prepaid contract, or other services may offer low cost registrations as a lead in to other services they offer. The opportunities here are varied and will be unique from Registrar to Registrar.

Potential PRN Members should be established (or in the process of establishing themselves as) Internet Services Providers. They should be familiar with the dynamics of maintaining a customer database, invoicing and billing cycles, and providing Technical Support.

They should be able to provide basic DNS for customer accounts. Two Internic registered DNS servers should be provided. This can be waived on application to the hostmaster for good cause.

As a Registrar, you will set your own rates and service charges, and be billed a low per domain per year rate once per month for all your account activity that month. You will be notified 90 days prior to the anniversary date of a domain registration, reminding you to bill your customer for that name. An additional reminder will be sent out at 60 days and 30 days. These reminders will be a part of your monthly statement, and can be looked up on the PRN Member's website. Should you not have payment on the anniversary date, you should process a deletion with the TJ NIC. We will hold the domain for 30 days to give you time to attempt to collect from the customer, and then release the domain for public registration. During that 30 day "on hold" period you may only resubmit the domain in the name of the original owner.

We do not permit Domain Name speculation. Payment for a domain should be made PRIOR to the registration being submitted to the TJ NIC. Because of this, cancellations of new domains should not really exist. We do understand that circumstances may rarely call for the cancellation of a domain name, and provided the reason and quantity are kept to a bare minimum, we will not penalize you for them. If we notice a trend of cancellations, we may contact the Registrar and try to resolve the cause of that problem. Failure to resolve a high cancellation level can be grounds to suspend or revoke the Registrar Agreement.

A Registrar is more than a reseller. A Registrar is the primary point of contact for a customer on all matters relating to their domain name. They will process the initial registration application for the customer, and handle the billing and collect payment from the customer. In the event of modifications, such as contact changes or change of DNS servers, the customer will submit these to the Registrar who will forward them to the TJ NIC after authenticating the change. Customer Support inquiries, renewal billing, etc, are matters that Registrars are expected to be prepared for. When setting prices and rates, keep these issues in mind. Most of these can be EASILY automated. We have programmers familiar with these issues who are available on a consultation basis. Ask us for a referral if needed.

As a TJ-NIC Registrar, you agree to inform your customers of our registration policies, and to let them know that they must agree to abide by these policies as a condition of registration of their domain name.

A brief description of these policies :

  • Domain Name must be 3 letters or longer (up to 30, but some systems have problems with domain names over 26 characters).

  • Use of Domain Name must not violate the trademark of another party and must not violate the law.

  • Domain Name cannot be used for spam related activities (Please see our Why No Spam page for why we made this decision).

  • Domain Name cannot be leased or sold to third parties without the paying of a new registration fee.

  • Registrant must understand that they are SOLELY responsible for any activities they take which violate the law, or infringe on the trademark of another party. The TJ NIC will make domain ownership information available publicly via this website and a public whois server.

The TJ-NIC is proud of it's Public Registrar Network. If you are interested in joining us in this network, please fill out this application form. You will be contacted within 48 hours. If you need more information please contact

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