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Your Server in Ukraine

  • GigaByte GA-6OXT S-370 (i815EP B0) ATX 1AGP, 5PCI, 1CNR, 3DIMM UDMA100 (Tualatin support)
  • SDRAM 256 (133 MHz)Samsung
  • HDD 20 Gb(7200RPM) WD
  • LAN Fast Ethernet Card PCI SureCom EP-320XR TP (10/100MB)
  • One IP address
  • OS - FreeBSD, Linux Red Hat, Linux Slackware
  • 100 Mbit connection, guaranteed power supplies, total capacity of channels 500 Mbit, five independent providers - leaders on the market of telecommunications of Ukraine.
    Restriction of traffic - 10 Gb of foreign traffic per one month, Ukrainian traffic for free. From above 10 Gb payment for each additional Gigabyte - $28.

    Interested all regions:
  • Europe
  • 0 servers
  • North America
  • 0 servers
  • South America
  • 0 servers
  • Asia
  • 0 servers
  • Africa
  • 0 servers
  • Australia
  • 0 servers
  • CIS - all Countries
  • 2 servers

    We shall be glad to cooperate with everyone who can offer similar conditions of accommodation of our servers. Offers on cooperation please send to Email.

    2CO is an authorized retailer for GeoNIC.NET
    .COM .NET   
    Registration for holders of Ukrainian Trade Marks

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