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KZ Domain Names Registration Rules

[ URL ] [ 12/99 ]

Rules of "KZ" domain names registration

About "KZ" domain name

Domain name KZ is officially registered top-level domain name in the DNS addressing system of Internet network. According to the international standard ISO-3166, KZ is double-letters code of Republic Kazakhstan. Nonprofit organization "Kazakh centre of n etwork information" (KazNIC) is admitted by the international Internet register IANA, and nominated to be a Manager (Operator) on distribution and support of "KZ" Internet domain address namespace.

This document specifies rules of distribution of second level domain names in the address space of KZ.

1. Application.

The Rules provided in this document are subjected to all requests for registering of domain name in "KZ" domain and all under-domains with the exception of cases, when other rules for under-domain exists

2. Possible change of Rules

Any changing of the Rules can not change the status of domain name, which was registered in the full correspondence to Rules before their change, with exception of technical compatibility cases. Any changing of the Rules should published beforehand for discussion and available in Internet on arrdess:

3. Reserved domain names.

List of reserved domain names, having determined destination comprises of itself:

ORG.KZ - intended for registration of third level domain names for nonprofit organizations, residents of Republic Kazakhstan;

EDU.KZ - intended for registration of third level domain names for organizations of residents RK, having licenses of educational activity;

NET.KZ - intended for registration of third level domain names for organizations in the scope of networks of data base communications, having corresponding licenses of Ministry of the Transport and Communications of Republic Kazakhstan;

GOV.KZ - intended for registrations of third level domain names for organizations of government sector of Republic Kazakhstan;

MIL.KZ - intended for registrations of third level domain names for organizations of Ministry of Defense of Republic Kazakhstan;

COM.KZ - intended for registrations of third level domain names for commercial organizations and in purposes of registered trade mark protection;

4. Schedule of consideration.

All requests for regiastration of domain names are considered in the order of their arrival on the registration. There is no another priorities.

5. Trade marks.

All disputes, wich can be appeared between domain name registrant and third party, who are owner of same trade mark name, should be decided according to Dispute Policy. Dispute Policy is published on this web-address:

6. Internet standards accordance

All requests for domain name registration should be in accordance to RFC standards 1034, 1035, 1122, 1123.

7. Sending a Request, application forms.

Requests for the registration, updating and removing of records in the domain name database should be addressed to Manager. Registration agreement, request forms and filling rules published on web-address:

8. Syntaxis rules.

Domain name can be consists from latin characters, digits and minus sign "-". Minimal length of name is 1 character, maximum length is 26 symbols, including 3 ".KZ" characters

9. Domain names server

At least two functionning domain names servers (DNS) should be presented for the registered name at request time. Non-accordance to this requirement can be reason of registration failure.

10. Registration.

Result of domain name registration is a record on "KZ" domain name database and granting control authorities to Internet-servers, wich are specified in the request. The whole information about registered KZ domain names is maintained in the database of

Manager and it is available in Internet on addresses:

WHOIS service:


11. Refusal of registrations.

The Manager have a right to refuse in registration of domain name in following cases:

a) neither request is not in accordance with the application form or filled not completely or some appendixes are absent;

b) domain name is already distributed at the moment of request;

c) non-correspondence of request to Internet standards, specified in p.5

12. The Manager can cancel a registration or suspend granting in cases:

a) maintain of domain name can influence on DNS system functioning;

b) there is changed a base to which domain name was registered (for instance: organization, filled an application does not exist more);

c) a dispute with the third party appeared in accordance to Dispute Policy;

d) using of given name is violation of current Legislation of Republic Kazakhstan;

e) on deciding of a Court of Repulic Kazakhstan.

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