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Registration Rules for Name Registration

Names within the .md domain may be registered for active usage (domain delegation) in 24-48 hours after the payment.

Any entity (organisation or individual) may register domain names, independent of the location of the entity.

A domain name cannot be registered in order to resell it.

The administrative contact (admin-c) in the application form is responsible for a domain and is therefore required to be an employee of the organisation which will be the owner of the domain name.

Acceptable characters allowed for domain names are alpha-numeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and dash (-). A domain name cannot begin or end with a dash.
We recommend you to use only lower case characters, because domain names are case insensitive.

For registered active domain names there must be an operational primary and an operational secondary Domain Name System (DNS) name server. Both name servers need permanent IP connectivity to the Internet.

Reasons for rejecting domain name applications are:
  • incomplete entries in the application form;
  • the data provided in the application form is false, it is not accurate, or it is misleading;
  • domain names containing special characters except the hyphen (-);
  • domain names containing hyphen as first or last character;
  • domain names which are identical with an already registered domain name;
  • domain names which are identical with a previously applied valid name;
  • domain names of bad taste;
  • names incorporating foul languages;
  • names that are injurious to public order or to public sensibilities;
  • misleading or deceptive domain names;
  • domainnames with offending character;
  • domainnames with obscene or pornographic words;
  • outstanding payments.

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