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Principles of registering and maintaining Internet domains

This version of Principles is only for informational use - the only valid ver sion is the polish one.

1. Naukowa i Akademicka Sieć Komputerowa (The Research and Academic Computer Network) research and development unit (hereafter "NASK") shall register and maintain a domain with a name given by the applicant in the application for domain registration (hereafter "Application"), filed with NASK in the electronic and written forms on the conditions described in these principles.
2. Registration of the domain means concluding an agreement between the applicant and NASK on the conditions described in these principles.
3. In these principles the term "subscriber” shall mean applicant for whom NASK has registered and maintains the domain.
4. If:
a. the domain name is already registered with NASK,
b. a registration procedure has already been initiated as to the domain name,
c. in the Application the applicant gives:
i. incorrect server names,
ii. an incorrect composition of the domain name,
iii. server names nonexistent in the Internet, unless the name given by the applicant is the name of the domain being applied for in the application,
iv. incomplete or false data,
d. the domain name is the name of a voivodship, poviate or gmina, and the Application has been filed by someone other than an authorized government or self-government body,

NASK will deny the application to register the domain name.
5. Applicant is solely subject to the liability for the legal effects of filing a fictitious declaration regarding the authority to use a domain name or giving false data in the application.
6. NASK shall remove the domain name when it is supplied with a legally effective court decision confirming the exclusive right to the domain name by a subject other than subscriber.
7. All disputes concerning the rights to domain names shall be settled without NASK's participation.
8. NASK is not responsible for the necessity of removing or altering a name due to the introduction of laws regarding domain registrations.


9. In order to register a domain, the applicant shall do the following:
a. send via the NASK Internet page a properly filled out and accepted Application in the electronic format;
b. when contacting NASK use the electronic identification number received after the electronic filing of the application,
c. by mail or by facsimile file with NASK a printed and properly signed application in the writing within 7 days from the time the application is filed electronically.
10. The domain will be registered within 5 business days from the date of filing the written application.
11. In matters concerning domain registration, NASK will contact the applicant (subscriber) using telephone numbers and email addresses listed in the Application.
12. NASK will deny the written Application:.
a. if changes are made when compared to the electronic form,
b. if it is filed after the time period described in point 9 c.

Denial of the written Application is the denial of registration.
13. In the event of errors in the written Application, the applicant is responsible for their removal within a time period set out by NASK in the notice sent out via e-mail to one of the addresses listed in the Application. Not removing the errors will result in denial of the registration application. Within the understanding of these principles, errors do not include cases described in points 4 and 12. The five-day term described in point 10, runs anew from the filing of the Application with errors removed.
14. NASK may request that applicant file additional documents confirming data in the Application or the right to a domain name. Not filing the required documents within the time period indicated by NASK is a basis for denial of the registration.
15. Subscriber shall inform NASK regarding all changes to data contained in the Application. NASK is not responsible for the contents of data supplied by the subscriber in the Application, for the consequences of giving false data or not informing regarding changes in said data.


16. NASK shall de-register the domain on the basis of a written request to de-register the domain filed by subscriber.
17. NASK shall change the subscriber data – on subscriber's explicit request – changes in the domain delegation shall be made within seven business days from the filing by mail or facsimile of the document confirming the transfer by subscriber to a third party of the rights and obligations which arose due to the registration and maintenance of the domain via a properly filled out and signed application for a change in the domain delegation.
18. NASK shall change the domain within seven business days from the filing of a properly filled out and signed application for a change in the domain delegation
19. NASK will deny the application to change the domain name if the subscribed lists:
a. improper server names,
b. improper domain name composition,
c. server names nonexistent in the Internet,
d. incomplete or false data.


20. Subscriber shall pay a registration fee and yearly fees for the maintenance of the domain for the successive 12 months. The registration fee in the amount equivalent to the yearly fee covers its maintenance for 12 months from the registration date.
21. Subscriber shall pay the registration fee and yearly fees for the successive 12 months by the payment deadline described in the invoice.
22. In the event of delay of payment of a part of or the entire fee, NASK will remove the domain. In the event of the removal of the domain, subscriber shall pay the fee along with statutory interest due to the delay.
23. Re-registration will be possible after subscriber pays the overdue fee with interest and files a new Application, so long as at the moment of registration the domain name is available.
24. NASK reserves the right to deny the re-registration of a domain, which had overdue fees.
25. De-registration of the domain at the request of the subscriber during the period for which the domain was paid does not result in the refund of the fee in whole or in part.
26. The agreement shall be extended for a succeeding 12 months on the conditions indicated in these principles, if subscriber does not file a written request within 14 days prior to the end of the period for which the agreement is valid, for the resignation from the maintenance of the domain name by NASK.
27. A change of the conditions for payment, size of fees or the principles of registration shall be announced by publication in the NASK Internet page. Subscribers may be notified about the above changes by the electronic medium.

Fees for domain maintenance:
Yearly fee (in Zloty) *
National domain:


NASK Functional domains:,,, ...
Regional domains:, ...

(*) prices do not include the VAT tax

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