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    Domain Name Disputes

    There is no local dispute resolution policy yet available for the domain name disputes resolution under .RU though Coordination Center for TLD RU is planning to undertake research in this area involving Russian and international experts in this field.

    Nevertheless, we recommend to investigate our short memo over dispute resolution possibilities:

    1. Registration authorities are not authorized to execute preliminary checks of the applications for domain names for their correspondence to the intellectual property objects under Russian law. Responsibility for registration and usage of the domain name lays completely on the entity (or individual), which has registered domain name.

    Information on domain name holder is publicly available through Whois service located

    Complete information on domain name holder could be achieved from registration authorities upon receipt of official request from competent authorities.

    2. Recommended dispute resolution procedure:
    - negotiations with domain name holder;
    - negotiations with domain name holder through reconciliation or mediation service provider;
    - resolution of dispute in one of Courts of Arbitration (formal consent of both parties is mandatory),,; - resolution of dispute within Antitrust Ministry of RF (department of competition);
    - and finally, resolution of dispute through State Court of RF.

    3. Recommendations for the Court litigation:
    - use terminology, defined in our Rules for domain name registration;
    - appeal for "suspension" of domain name (in order to block domain name transfers);
    - do not involve registration authorities into the domain name dispute resolution.

    2CO is an authorized retailer for GeoNIC.NET
    .COM .NET   
    Registration for holders of Ukrainian Trade Marks

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