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Raekoja pl 14, Tartu 51004, Estonia
Tel: +372 7 302 110, Fax: +372 7 302 111 70005654

Domain registration under .ee is open only for institutions registered in Estonia and having permanent Internet connectivity or virtual server in Estonia.

Subdomain registration in Estonia

Top level domain .ee is a symbol representing the Estonian State. This sets limits to the registration of the second level domain under the .ee. The subdomain registration process is open only for organisations and individuals having permanent Internet connection in Estonia. The subdomain ends with .ee and the registration is free of charge.

The applied second level domain should refer to the organization's name or to it's principal activities. It should not be misleading and should not be with prejudice to other person's interests. The name of the subdomain should not refer to anything obscene in languages represented in Estonia.

If the second level domain coincides with a well-known trademark or international company name, the applied second level domain will not be registered (except when the trademark belongs to the applying organization itself). Also the registration of computer terminology, place names and several general words (for example as second level domains is restricted. When applying for 2-3 letter second level domain it is recommended to follow that it refers uniquely to the abbreviation used by the applying organization.
Second level domain cannot be registered if it has already been registered by someone else.
As a general rule one organization can only register one domain.

The subdomains of schools and other educational institutions usually have an ending. Commercial institutions can register third level domains under without restrictions. Non-profit organizations and societies can register a third level domain under Private persons can register their domain under When registering a subdomain the following RFC's will be considered: RFC 920, RFC 974, RFC 1032, RFC 1033, RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 1101, RFC 1183, RFC 1535, RFC 1536, RFC 1537, RFC 1591.

In order to register second level domains under .ee domain, an application in 'plain text' format should be sent to, using the application forms below(see Appendix I and II). DNS (Domain Name System) entries allow the administrator of the nameserver to start serving the subdomain. With the aim of processing the requests more quickly, it is strongly suggested that the application would be sent by one's Internet Service Provider (ISP).

In case an organization needs more than one second level domain a well-grounded application should be sent and the upper nameserver administrator ( has the right to pronounce the decision. If his/her decision is contested the final decision will be made by a person who is registered as an administrator of the .ee domain in INTERNIC. A well-grounded application is also needed in case an organisation is applying for a subdomain that does not cohere with its' name.

It is possible to change an already registered subdomain when presenting a well-grounded application and following the above-mentioned directions. Also the period of time should be fixed during which the two parallel second level domains will be used. In case it is necessary to re-organize the domain names for technical or organizational reasons the parallel use is permitted for a sufficient period (up to six months).

An organization applying for a second level domain is liable for the presented information and that it corresponds to the law and good practices. This responsibility stays with the applicant also after the subdomain is registered. In case the applicant has presented false data the hostmaster may annul the registered domain.

The subdomain registration applications and requests for the changes in the nameserver configurations will be processed in seven workdays.

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