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Welcome to the TJ Network Information Center! This is an informative site about the .TJ ccTLD. Please note, the TJ-NIC does not provide direct Domain Name registrations to end users- registration is provided through our Public Registrar Network (the PRN).

The Public Registrar Network (PRN) is a group of companies who provide registration services under the .TJ TLD.

Some of them offer just simple registrations of names, others bundle Value Added Services with the Registration.

When choosing the PRN Member to register your Domain Name with, you should take into consideration these issues, as well as their prices.

The TJ NIC welcomes Internet Service Providers interested in providing Registration and Domain Name services under the .TJ TLD to apply for PRN membership.

You can get the .TJ domain name of your choice (perhaps or right now for a very affordable price from any registrar in the PRN.

Our names are available to anyone, and are visible right across the 'net. Due to the fact that we are so new, most names are available! However, you won't want to wait too long before registering your name, or someone else might take it.

.TJ is the ISO-3166 assigned 2 letter country code domain for Tajikistan, delegated to the TJ NIC by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

Tajikistan is a small country in the Former Soviet Union. Nestled in-between Afghanistan and China, its capital city is Dushanbe.

If you are a Tajikistan citizen, business, educational or government department, you may qualify for reduced price or free names.

To check a name's availability, or to view the details of a registered name, just enter the Domain Name you wish to lookup in the box below:

2CO is an authorized retailer for GeoNIC.NET
.COM .NET   
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