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This document has been translated from the norwegian version at The norwegian version considered to be the master copy, and has precedence over the english translation if a conflict between the two should arise.

Domain Name Policy for .no

  1. Purpose and Legal Status
  2. Applicability
  3. General Domain Name Requirements - What Can You Apply For?
  4. Additional Requirements for Geographic and Generic Second-Level Domains
  5. Applicant Requirements - Who Can Apply?
  6. Name Server Requirements
  7. Application Requirements
  8. General Procedural Rules
  9. Notice of Change
  10. Transfer, Suspension or Removal
  11. Compulsory Removal of Domain Name
  12. Fees
  13. Applicant's Rights to Registered Domain Names
  14. Applicant's Responsibility and Obligations
  15. Use of Registered Information
  16. Appeals
  17. Effective Date and Amendments of the Domain Name Policy
  18. Appendices and References

1. Purpose and Legal Status

1.1 The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that the administration and assignment of domain names under .no are in accord with the public good and Norwegian government directives.

1.2 These regulations are based on RFC 1591 and are issued and enforced by NORID (the Norwegian Registration Service for Internet Domain Names), in cooperation with Norwegian government agencies. NORID is not a government agency and the Norwegian Administrative Law does not apply to these regulations. NORID's express aim is to work in cooperation with Norwegian government agencies and international organizations dealing with issues pertaining to domain names.

1.3 The formal authority to administer the top-level domains .no, .sj and .bv has been contractually delegated to NORID from IANA. NORID has agreed to administer the top-level domains in the best interests of the Internet community and in accordance with these regulations.

2. Applicability

These regulations apply to the geographic top-level domain .no.

3. General Domain Name Requirements ? What Can You Apply For?

3.1 A domain name must consist of at least 2 and no more than 63 characters.

3.2 The domain name may contain the following characters:

  • lower-case letters from a to z (not the Norwegian characters)
  • numbers (0-9)
  • hyphens (-)

3.3 The domain name must contain at least one letter or hyphen. The first and the last character of the domain name must be a letter or a number.

3.4 The domain name must not be identical to a registered domain name. See NORID's whois-database for an overview of registered domain names.

3.5 Some domain names are reserved or prohibited and cannot be registered. See Appendix A for a list of the domain names that cannot be registered.

3.6 These requirements are in agreement with the international standards in RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 1123 and RFC 1912.

4. Additional Requirements for Geographic and Generic Second-Level Domains

4.1 NORID administers subdomains for all counties in Norway, and for all cities with more than 5,000 inhabitants. In the Geographic Name Tree, registration depends on where the applicant feels he or she belongs. In general, placement in the name tree should reflect geographic affiliation. Domain names should therefore not be registered for geographic areas with which the applicant has no connection. See Appendix B for an overview of the domains in the geographic name tree.

4.2 Generic domains are used to group together organizations that share certain characteristics. Supplemental rules apply to these domains. The table below lists all generic domains. Appendix C contains the supplemental rules for generic domains.

Generic Domains Administered by NORID Folk high schools in Norway Upper secondary schools in Norway
gs.[fylke].no Primary and lower secondary schools in Norway County libraries in Norway Public libraries in Norway Museums in Norway Sports organizations

4.3 Some generic domains are administered by organizations other than NORID. See Appendix D for separate list.

5. Applicant Requirements - Who Can Apply?

5.1 The applicant must be an organization registered in the Enhetsregisteret; see Appendix E for a list of the types of organizations that can apply. The organization must have a Norwegian post address.

5.2 Each organization may at any time have up to 15 domain names directly under .no. In addition, an organization may have up to 5 domain names under each geographic domain to which the organization belongs, and 5 domain names under each generic domain to which it belongs.

5.3 Individuals cannot register domain names under any of the domains administered by NORID. However, individuals may register domain names under

6. Name Server Requirements

6.1 Registration requires the specification of at least two servers. All specified name servers must be set up correctly for the domain that is being applied for, and must be operative when the application is received by NORID. Domains that only handle mail are not registered.

6.2 The name servers for the domain must be identified by the domain name and the corresponding IP address. There are also certain technical requirements. See Appendix F for technical requirements for name servers.

6.3 The name servers may be run by someone other than the applicant.

7. Application Requirements

7.1 The application must be submitted by a registrar contracted by NORID. See the List of Registrars. Also refer to the information on the Registrar System.

7.2 NORID's forms must be used. See list of NORID's Forms and Guidelines.

7.3 A separate application must be submitted for each domain name. An organization that satisfies the registration requirements under several domains may elect to seek registration in one or more of these. The application must clearly state the domain to which it applies. An applicant statement (Appendix G) must be signed before the application is submitted.

7.4 The form must be completed and submitted according to NORID's guidelines. The registrar should assist the applicant with this.

8. General Procedural Rules

8.1 NORID shall act in accordance with basic principles of autonomy and equality. Parts of the procedure are automatic. See the description of the Procedure.

8.2 If the application is approved, the registrar is automatically notified by e-mail. The registrar must forward the message to the applicant within 14 calendar days.

8.3 Any rejection by NORID of an application for a domain name must always state the grounds for the decision. NORID's decision is communicated by e-mail to the registrar who forwarded the application. The registrar must forward the message to the applicant within 14 calendar days.

9. Notice of Change

9.1 NORID must be notified of all changes in registered information (notice of change). This applies to changes in both technical and contact information.

9.2 Any change in the domain name is not considered a change, but a new registration. A regular application for the new domain name must hence be submitted.

9.3 NORID will confirm an executed change by e-mail to the submitter of the notice of change, to the ISPs concerned and to the domain's legal contact.

9.4 Section 7 also applies to notices of change.

10. Transfer, Suspension or Removal

10.1 Any application for transfer must be accompanied by the written approval of the owner. The organization designated by the owner for a transfer of the domain name must satisfy the applicant requirements for a new application.

10.2 The owner may request a temporary suspension of the domain name (hold). This does not mean that the registration is changed or lost. While suspended, the name will not function, but it will also be impossible for anyone else to register it. Suspension may be requested for up to 6 months. The owner may at any time request that the suspension be lifted. Suspension may not be requested again within 2 years of the termination. In the event of a legal conflict where the owner's right to the name and its use is challenged, the holder may request suspension regardless of any prior suspensions and until final judgment in the matter. Suspension has no effect on the obligation to pay the ordinary fees.

10.3 The owner may request removal of a domain name. Any application for removal must be accompanied by the written approval of the owner. Removal entails no right to a refund of fees paid.

10.4 NORID will confirm any transfer, suspension or removal by e-mail to the registrar and the domain's legal contact.

10.5 Section 7 is applicable.

11. Forced Removal of Domain Name

11.1 The following circumstances may entail removal of the registration of a domain name and its being made available to others:

  1. A request for removal in accordance with a final judgment regarding removal of the domain name. Notice according to 11.2 is not required.

  2. Registration was based on incorrect information. The owner of the domain name shall be given an opportunity to respond prior to removal.

  3. The owner of the domain name is no longer registered in the Enhetsregister or has ceased to exist.

  4. Insufficient payment of registration fees or annual fees at the expiration of the term provided in the late payment notice.

  5. The domain is not available, i.e., no domain server assumes authority over the domain.

  6. The designated contact for the owner of the domain name cannot be reached.

11.2 Unless otherwise stated, notice will be sent by e-mail to the owner of the domain name no less than 60 days prior to removal or other action.

12. Fees

12.1 Registration of a domain name entails a one-time registration fee. In addition, there is an annual fee as long as the registration is maintained. See Price Information.

12.2 Insufficient payment of fees will result in the removal of the domain name.

12.3 NORID reserves the right to change the fees. Changes will be announced on NORID's home pages.

13. Applicant's Rights to Registered Domain Names

13.1 Registration of a domain name precludes others from registering an identical domain name for as long as the registration is maintained.

13.2 Registration of a domain name does not provide greater or other rights to the name than the applicant had prior to the application. Registration entails no restriction of the rights others may have to use the name.

13.3 Registered domain names are associated with the organization that registered the domain, not with any individuals in this organization. The domain name is also independent of registrar or other service provider, and the owner of a domain name may freely change registrar or other service provider without changing the domain name.

13.4 A domain name may be freely transferred, provided that the organization to which it is transferred, satisfies the requirements of the Domain Name Policy.

14. Applicant's Responsibility and Obligations

14.1 Prior to submitting an application, the applicant is obliged to partake of the Domain Name Policy and ascertain that registration of the domain name does not violate Norwegian law or the rights of third parties. NORID performs no examination of these matters. The applicant bears the sole responsibility, including criminal liability and liability for damages, for consequences of the registration and use of the domain name.

14.2 The applicant is obliged to comply with the Domain Name Policy in force at any time. The Domain Name Policy is available at

14.3 The applicant must provide correct information, both at the time of application and for as long as the registration is maintained.

14.4 The applicant must keep the registered information (both contact and technical information) up to date at all times.

14.5 The applicant must reply to queries from NORID regarding the continued accuracy of the registered information. The applicant must then document the information provided.

14.6 Prior to submitting an application, the applicant must sign an applicant statement (Appendix G) certifying that, to the best of his or her knowledge, registration or use of the name does not violate any third party's registered or unregistered rights to the name, and does not violate Norwegian law, in that, for example, the name is considered an illegal profanity or considered discriminatory, defamatory, pornographic or otherwise illegal. The applicant statement is submitted to the registrar, who is obliged to keep it on file.

15. Use of Registered Information

15.1 Upon registration, the applicant agrees to publication of the domain, contact information and date of registration on the Internet, for instance through NORID's whois-database. Access may also be provided through other Internet technologies.

15.2 NORID will not otherwise sell, transfer or in any other way make use of the information for commercial purposes, including direct marketing and catalog services.

15.3 NORID is not responsible for any misuse of information made public according to this provision.

16. Appeals

16.1 NORID's decisions pursuant to the naming policy may be appealed by the applicant/owner or others with a legal right of appeal. Appeal is only possible on the grounds that the decision violates the Domain Name Policy. Thus, an appeal cannot be based on the claim that the registration or use of the name violates the rights of a third party. Third parties must bring action directly against the applicant/owner.

16.2 For applicants/owners, the term of appeal is 30 calendar days from the applicant's receipt of notice of the decision. The registrar is obliged to forward NORID's decision to the applicant/owner as soon as possible and no later than 14 calendar days from the day when notice of the decision was sent from NORID.

16.3 For others with a right of appeal, the term of appeal is 30 calendar days from the time the party became aware or should have become aware of the decision.

16.4 A decision may not be appealed more than 3 months after the date of the decision.

16.5 Written appeal must be sent within the term of appeal. The appeal must state the name of the appellant and a representative. The grounds of the appeal must be stated. See the Appellate Procedure (Appendix H) for further information.

16.6 If the appeal concerns rejection of an application for registration, the domain name is blocked until the appeal is decided. Blocking is effected the first business day after NORID's receipt of the appeal. While the name is blocked, it cannot be registered by anyone else. The domain name will not be blocked until an appeal is received. If the appeal is withdrawn, blocking of the domain name is terminated without further notice.

16.7 NORID can change its decision on its own initiative, but normally not to the detriment of the applicant/owner. NORID can change an appealed decision if the appeal is found to be justified.

16.8 If the decision is not changed, the appeal is forwarded to the autonomous appellate body NOK as soon as possible and no later than 7 calendar days after receipt of the appeal. The appellate body's decision is final.

16.9 The appellate body will dismiss the appeal if it does not satisfy the requirements. If the appellate body finds that NORID's decision violates the rules of the Domain Name Policy, and the error has affected the substance of the decision, the appellate body may make a new decision. The appellate body's decision may not be to the detriment of the appellant, nor entail a loss of rights for other applicants/owners. The appellate body's decision is binding for NORID. The appellate body shall state the grounds for its decision in writing. The secretariat will convey NOK's decision to the appellant as soon as possible and within 7 calendar days.

17. Effective Date and Amendments of the Domain Name Policy

17.1 This Domain Name Policy takes effect on February 19, 2001. The prior Domain Name Policy is repealed as of same date.

17.2 Significant amendments to the Domain Name Policy will be announced on NORID's home pages and included in the domain name policy. The last change was made 1. June 2001.

18. Appendices and References

This section provides an overview of the documents referred to in the Domain Name Policy. The addresses of the references may be updated without further notice.


Appendix Title URL
Appendix A Reserved and prohibited domain names under domains administered by NORID
Appendix B The geographic name tree
Appendix C Supplemental rules for the generic domains
Appendix D Generic domains not administered by NORID
Appendix E Types of organizations that may apply for domain names
Appendix F Technical name server requirements
Appendix G Applicant's statement
Appendix H Appellate procedure

References to other NORID documents

Title URL
Terms and Definitions
List of Registrars
NORID's Forms
Fees and Invoicing
NOK: NORID's Appellate Body
Appeals Forms

References to RFCs

RFC 1591 Domain Name System Structure and Delegation
RFC 1034 Domain Names - Concepts and Facilities
RFC 1035 Domain Names - Implementation and Specification
RFC 1123 Requirements for Internet Hosts - Application and Support
RFC 1912 Common DNS Operational and Configuration Errors

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